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Thinking this number may be from a scammer, so looking for more info?
Iaf me meme firm bhara tha or koi jabaav nahi says hai 2016 ko dala tha form
Obvious scammer, really bad English, ridiculous attempt.
i want to know the owner of the number i am looking for. That is all i am interested in
The owner of this number stole from a mobile money outlet and switched it off
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Isle of Man
Operator: Manx Telecom
1. Leila Touimer04-12-2016 г.
hello sir , i received a call from you yesterday when my phone was not with me your number is +447624883334 and my number is +213552014394 you have called me on saturday 3 december
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