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I want to no the own of this number please so he is use some platforms and telling us he is living in China so I went you people to find the truth about this number
I always want to know who calls when they don’t leave a message and/ or it says private. I have a pretty good call filter which gives me the name usually more Sometimes only the number When that happens I am pretty sure this is a scam and I can’t block because they always get through!
I would like to know who is thw owner of the number as suspicious call from this.
Who does this number belongs to. I received a call but I was not expecting a call.
Nummer van oplichter. Stuurt bericht dat Rabobank betaalpas verloopt. Ik heb geen rekening bij de Rabobank...
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Switzerland
Operator: Aldi
1. +004176573197909-06-2021 г.
Je voudrais connaître a qui es ce numéro +0041765731979,il ma appeler soi-disant qu’il a manqué mon appel
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