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Tento kontakt ma okradol o viac ako 2000eur.. prezentoval sa pod menom francesco de lucia z italie.vraj mu ochorela matka a musi vycestovat na pobrezie slonoviny. a peniaze odo mna vymamil pod klamstvom ze mu odcudzili doklady a potrebuje na stravu pre syna a letenky. Prosim davajte si velky pozor.
false text claiming to be EE asking to verify details
Diese Nummer gehört einem in Deutschland lebenden Rumänen. Er ist ein homos*xueller Mann, der am Telefon s*xuelle Vorschläge macht.
Van dit nummer krijg ik berichtjes van iemand die denkt dat ik haar vader ben. Ze zou een nieuw telefoonnummer hebben. ‘Ze’ verwacht dat ik haar op dat nummer bel. Van wie is dit nummer?
Maybe calling was hazard or fraudster to fish user name and password OR steal the bank codes
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1. Danial16-10-2020 г.
I want to know that the person the own this number is who? Because this numbe before belong to my friend and now the person are different, i dont know who is the person, but i wan to be friend with her..i loke to be friend. And i know the person are comes from the same state with me. I want to know more about her
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