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Need name of caller please ive looked everywhere and cant find out who this number belongs to
Hi Good day,does this number belongs to Madam Purva Kewlani of the Luxury Closet? Thank you...
I am researching a solicitation that I received about financing from Dubai that looks suspicious.
I want to know who the owner of this number because this number it belong to my friend before but now he change his number. Please i need to know who is the new owner..
Need to find owner of that number. Need to track that number. Need the name of the person
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1. A good guy10-05-2021 г.
A woman rang me to tell me about a culinary event that was going to occur on Saturday. When I asked her from where she got my number, she replied that she got it from this site. She also mentioned that the culinary event would have at least one free gift per person who attended. Then she proceeded to ask me if I lived in Sofia, Bulgaria. None of her business anyway, don't answer those scumbags.
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