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They have been texting me telling me that they are interested in doing business and I would like to find out who I am dealing with for security purposes and to ensure that I am safe and I am not being put under any risks
Is het mogelijk om mij te mailen aub. Ik ben de fokster van uw pas aangekochte hondje Roy. Het zou mij een groot plezier doen! Vriendelijke groeten, Agnes
Scammer called kelvin tan called me and faked to be my old friend. Call started as "hey do you remember me? Im your old friend! I changed my number"
Cette personne m’a ajouté et je n’ai jamais eu de retour à mon message mais son compte paraît étrange et j’aimerais savoir de qu’il il s’agit 1 semaine après car j’ai également reçu des messages de faux compte pour m’envoyer des vomis un peu du cyber harcèlement donc j’aimerais savoir
I got a call from them and asked me about my information
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
1. Kevin Williams04-08-2016 г.
I am receiving text messages at 2.30 am for the last week or so from different OS numbers. The numbers ate, 46766690164, 46701344813, 46701340397. There are more but I deleted them. I have blocked all numbers and replied STOP to those who alllowed me to. What is going on and how do I stop it. My Telco is unable to help
2. Finau A. M. Nanovo17-11-2016 г.
Please may I know the information of this person, under the AKA Ohio USA thanks
3. Patrick Nebiker31-12-2016 г.
This Person has stolen Money from me. I want to ask him and try my Money back. Thanks
4. Laza26-02-2017 г.
Whose number is that
They hit and run my car
So please
5. Yayo15-05-2017 г.
This person has stolen money from me , so I want to try to get it back.
6. Susan kimani05-06-2017 г.
I want to confirm who owns this number,whether its my new boyfriend number or he is a scammer
7. Kwagalakwe Deborah09-06-2017 г.
I missed a call at 3am from +6745578254. May i know the details of holder.
8. Mr Dream27-06-2017 г.
This person is very weird be careful if she asks you on skype under the name of Abel DAAGBOVI
9. Arinaitwe Gilbert03-07-2017 г.
i have recieved two calls from a number which could be a company line, but i need to know who was calling me. Please help me find out which number this is so i can contact them +254738759382
10. Ivan Ivanov12-08-2017 г.
Hello there, have today several missed calls from Moldova +37379301879 on my English Vodafone number , Please some help -Thanks in advance for your troubles and time!
11. Ramona Hegedus06-09-2017 г.
My phone has come up with the name Timmy Marsh. Have no idea who this could be, though i am being hacked at present & have had my home burgled, vandalized & had money & my medication stolen also!
12. Eunice Maina16-09-2017 г.
This number called me and its a conman.
13. Tobey Cayola Kikkee13-10-2017 г.
Make me a millionaire and able to inspire others and myself and family.
14. Marco27-11-2017 г.
I received a phone call, but once I call back, there is an automatic message that says: "Number disconnected"
15. piotr20-12-2017 г.
what kind of job would you offer i can translate commercial texts and banners
16. Anna25-12-2017 г.
I 'd received threatening messages from +996551723891. Please, may i know the information of this person?
17. jack02-03-2018 г.
i received a call from this phone number +6745578243.I wish to know whose number is?

18. Ryan06-03-2018 г.
i received a call from this person +22360220250. Can you help me identify the caller
19. Elfi21-03-2018 г.
Is this nomber to a bank in irland ore england +447776175906
20. Anonymous 01-04-2018 г.
+61423263140 Kept trying to get me to give my address and personal details. I asked questions he got mad and hung up.i did not give any info!
21. dahan22-05-2018 г.
can you help to identify these two numbers blackmailing me
22. くみこ28-05-2018 г.
23. Tina29-05-2018 г.
This number called me twice and I called back its like an answering machine +37065065360. Pls can you help me with the identity. Thank you.
24. Afri20-06-2018 г.
+19792004176 he is disturbing me and texting me in wtsp and sending bad videos and n*de pics please help me to find out him and help me to dine his real number plz plz plz
25. teye bami17-08-2018 г.
+37125842715 I want to confirm who owns this number,whether its my new boyfriend number or he is a scammer
26. k.srinivasan20-08-2018 г.
Pls this isy friend no +971558793707
I am waiting for reply
But his not pick .
Now his working oilfield supply ltd dubai.his working or not
27. Rocco07-10-2018 г.
+21697385685 Two short calls at 9.24/26 p.m. and it has closed immediately, but I would not have answered the same!
28. Niragire Anthony09-10-2018 г.
Hello please, help me this number keeps calling me with flashes, it shows from New Papua Guinea +67579989434
Please tell me who the owner is! Thanks
29. Ryan Zar Fuerzas14-10-2018 г.
I received a call and messages from this number +96896057678 he told me to pay for insurance and tax fee about 20,000 php. After I sent he went gone by texting again about collateral payment. Help me find the owner of this to stop him on scam.
30. Kanyarat16-10-2018 г.
Please tell me about the owner of this number. I let him borrow money for his business in Indonesia. I want to know He has a real body, not a scammer. +44 7845851648
31. Shadab 22-10-2018 г.
Sir, I inform you that this user is a fraud and my sister was cheated by this user.... this user called him several times and thread him... Request you in this regards
32. Dennis07-11-2018 г.
85265445140 can i stop recieving call from this number.. i change my mind with the package hecis offering to me.... i cant call him back so myvectuis message can help
33. Success23-01-2019 г.
+2347039720585 this number calls me 01:42,01:43 and 02:42 every morning but whenever I calls back or receives he never speak.
Please I need to know who was calling me
34. nils jönsson30-01-2019 г.
Bedrägeriförsök från Afrika land Tunsien. Ring inte upp nummret drn som ringer vill vara tjäna pengar brukar kosta från en tia till femtiokroner per samtal.samma skit som vanligt med Afrikanska samtal.
35. Matt 07-03-2019 г.
Please this number has been carefully flashing my line for the past 2 weeks +2482695775 I would like to know this individual information. Thanks
36. عبد الرحيم معنصر 14-04-2019 г.
هدا الرقم يتصل بي كثسرا اود معرفة من صاحبه وتواصل على البريد الاتكتروني
37. Mazhar kareem28-04-2019 г.
This person did fraud and stolen my money about please please pleaseeeee send me his information so that I will be highly thankful to you
+44 7845 038157 thank you
38. Here were02-05-2019 г.
Bu numara beni çıldırdı kapattı tanımam etmem sakın açmayın Papua yeni gine nuöarssıymış
39. Mairaj19-05-2019 г.
I want to lnow details specially designation if this person +12348050407
He is asking for money to give me job , but the whatsapp number he is using is same as I found a result , department is similar but he names are different,
Kindly help me out please
I shall be thankful to you.
My email :
40. jayasharon26-05-2019 г.
hi please help i am in uae i am indian i trying to reach that person its my old friend
41. W Nuryani30-05-2019 г.
memerlukan detail dari nomor ini karena saya telah menerima panggilan untuk beberapa hari terakhir untuk kode verifikasiwhatshaap
42. Nuria21-07-2019 г.
Quisiera saber de quién es este numero que se contacta conmigo, dice que es de Reino Unido, ciudad de Aberdeen. Se hace llamar Phillip Collins Chong
43. Danny Barnett30-07-2019 г.
I received a call from this number. I am wondering who it is
44. Ana liza27-08-2019 г.
Hotel booking confirmation and name of clients that included
45. Mariefe c. Orara25-10-2019 г.
+60127552600 this number owned by friend but i dont know his real name, he took mh money and runaway.please help me to find more info about him or his real name and full address where he staying right now..thank u!
46. Duncan Gongo 18-11-2019 г.
I want to know the owner of this number,he use to beep me and when I try to call him back he is not available,pliz can I know who he is?
47. Tomasz24-11-2019 г.
Who owns this number I know it's Maldives country. Please help me
48. Kevin10-01-2020 г.
this number owned by friend but i dont know his real name, he took mh money and runaway.please help me to find more info about him or his real name and full address where he staying right now..thank u!
49. Инна31-01-2020 г.
Помогите мне установить личность человека-Ф.и.о.и его контактный адресс. Он выдает себя Джоном Макдоном(из Дубая),говорит что он международный адвокат и ему нужны деньги для освобождения Дилана.Я сомневаюсь в его словах и делах. Он прислал мне на Ватсап визитку,но потом я увидела в Ватсапе его подленное лицо.Ф.И.О и его адресс необходим.
50. Tony05-03-2020 г.
This number told me that he is Gambia politician and scammed me $2500. Carefully!
51. Komakech15-03-2020 г.
Please can I know the owner of this phone number, is disturbing
52. Bujang Selamat26-03-2020 г.
memerlukan detail dari nomor ini karena saya telah menerima panggilan untuk beberapa hari terakhir untuk kode verifikasiwhatshaap
53. Richard29-03-2020 г.
I want to know the owner of this number,he use to beep me and when I try to call him back he is not available,pliz can I know who he is?
54. Harish 14-04-2020 г.
I want to know this number details. The way he talks to me very bad manner
55. Emmi15-04-2020 г.
This and another number from Burundi makes calls, but just for a second, I can't even answer. If I would answer..

How can you people be so STUPID and fall in to these scams?? I can't understand!
56. César Javier Sosa arzate28-05-2020 г.
Nesesito q me yege un mensaje para desbloquear mi cuenta de facebook
57. Rebecca12-06-2020 г.
58. Kristin13-07-2020 г.
This number called me several times, and did'nt say his name. It seemed suspicious to me.
59. Patricia. 14-07-2020 г.
Este número me escribe por hangouts y dice ser un amigo mío.Me pide dinero.Dice que está atrapado en África. Necesito saber quién es para saber si es una estafa y desde dónde llama.Gracias
60. karin Mair15-07-2020 г.
Ich hätte noch eine nummer +1(551)9003385 er möchte mich heiraten und ein Haus für uns kaufen, angeblich ein Army Soldat mit namen Eric, er wollte von mir 5000 Euro damit er Urlaub bekommt,was für ein Bullshit
61. Sebastian15-09-2020 г.
This person send me mesage on fb and five mi a numeber on whup..take care
62. Jen trep18-09-2020 г.
Voicemail: Parcel Sorting Center: Found package addressed to Jennyl. Last pick-up day - Friday!
63. Orisakwe Franklin21-09-2020 г.
I was declared winner this morning, i have claim the price but I have not received it.
64. Roberto Jiménez Fernández 28-09-2020 г.
Este número llama a mi casa 2 o 3 veces al día, al cogerlo cuelgan
65. Titilayo02-10-2020 г.
Whose number is this please it as been calling me please can let me know the person who has been calling me
66. Rick DeLaCruz03-10-2020 г.
Number called me lastnight over n over but would never say anything kinda WIERD, HERE IS THE NUMBER CAN I GET ANY INFO!?
67. Liza József 04-10-2020 г.
I can’t find out who is calling me? Please,help me find out..
68. Andrew Alois14-10-2020 г.
Please supply me the all contacts of the owner of the phone. Thank you
69. Geovanny ortiz 17-10-2020 г.
Este número me aparece bastante e todas las redes como Facebook Messenger y otros es posible que me puedan dar información
70. Yannah Moz24-10-2020 г.
Unregistered number called so I did not answer.
71. Dino26-10-2020 г.
Taj broj me stalno uznemiruje zelio bi znati ciji je ovo broj molim vas
72. Empty mind08-11-2020 г.
I got missed call from this unknown number so I want to know where I get call from
73. Rahela Medic11-11-2020 г.
Prosim, cigava je ta telefonska stevilka, ki je sicer iz Francije?
Ime in priimek, naslov osebe.
74. Afroza12-11-2020 г.
I want to know about this number.because I need to know about his.
75. غازي عبداله 13-11-2020 г.
من صاحب هذا الرقم هل ممكن اعرف حيث انه ي.عي انه يعود لمسابقت حلم ان بي سي العربي
76. Carla19-11-2020 г.
Porfavor quero saber quem está a mi ligar, o número parece suspeito
77. Stanciu claudiu25-11-2020 г.
this number is fraudulent and it fools me to take my money !!! can you give me details for this person? please!
78. Ed26-11-2020 г.
This is an internet scammer, who reveals himself as a diplomatic named by NICULESCU ALEXANDRU, he asks you to lend money to his african card/account to gain his trust in you while you already probably started to trust him. But in a reality it's just a fraudalent persona, who did stole or made an exact copy of expired/or still valid ID card OF NICULESCU ALEXANDRU.
Here are the scammer's information from another account:

MOBILE NUMBER: +225 56 03 68 13
MOBILE ACCOUNT NUMBER : +225 56 03 50 09
79. Ed26-11-2020 г.
This is an internet scammer, who reveals himself as a diplomatic named by NICULESCU ALEXANDRU, he asks you to lend money to his african card/account to gain his trust in you while you already probably started to trust him. But in a reality it's just a fraudalent persona, who did stole or made an exact copy of expired/or still valid ID card OF NICULESCU ALEXANDRU.
Here are the scammer's information from another account:

MOBILE NUMBER: +225 56 03 68 13
MOBILE ACCOUNT NUMBER : +225 56 03 50 09
80. Pat03-12-2020 г.
Who's number is this I have been getting lots of calls
From it
81. Jhalendra yadav07-12-2020 г.
This person is some scammer and hacker who loots innocent people by gaining their trust.
82. Ugiagbe 11-12-2020 г.
I want to know who this person his because it been disturbing me and when I call it back it say not in use
83. Yolandi12-12-2020 г.
I Just whant to know to who this number belongs to
84. زكريا19-12-2020 г.
تلقيت رسالة ربح من هذا الرقم هاتف حديث من شركة غوغل اعتقد انه محتال
85. Shawn02-01-2021 г.
So far ive been facing having to send 4000+ over time with new payments coming up after 2 years ago, to
+18032097415 because supposively his daughter went on POF the app and now apparently has been severely suicidal heres other numbers, +18032097415
and +19802865577
86. Mireille20-01-2021 г.
I am trying to find the person for this number cause they have stolen from me and i need my money back
87. Philomena26-01-2021 г.
That phone number used in a chrome win a prize and ask me to contact them. Whose phone number is that?
88. KEÏTA 27-01-2021 г.
C'est un arnaqueur un voleur de tout type de fichier ils est mauvais si on peux lui son numero +22998268329
89. Kibet Mutai30-01-2021 г.
Whose no. Is that, I missed a call today. I would like to know if it belongs to a scammer
90. Christine Evans 03-02-2021 г.
Someone sent me a message written in French, claiming they were a member of my family.
91. Luz Marina Méndez Ramírez 04-02-2021 г.
Quiero saber si este número pertenece ami amigo Muhammad adam Louis, hace unos dias que no puedo contactar con el.
92. AnnSylvia06-02-2021 г.
I want to know the exact person contacting me with that number.
93. Usman khan09-02-2021 г.
Please send me all numbers off this owner she was chat with me 3months ago
94. Nancy Ann Bach11-02-2021 г.
This is a computer generated number, people. DO NOT ANSWER OR CALL BACK. EVER. IT IS SCAMMING 101
95. Nor22-02-2021 г.
I received a message about to I won 30.000 dollars and to call as soon
96. Ameerah27-02-2021 г.
I need to know who's number this is along with the exact physical address because of a business deal going through.
97. Abdul01-03-2021 г.
I need to know who's number this along with the exact physical address because of business deal
98. Stefan Mikuska01-03-2021 г.
+33644673945 angeblich meine neue freundi oder doch scammer sie hat viel geld von mir gestohlen und gefälschte dokumente vorgelgt wie auch ein gefälschtes konto mit angeblichen erbe.Herr Jean Olivier Descartes
99. Pablo Hoyos Iriarte 05-03-2021 г.
Quiero saber cómo puedo saber a qué persona pertenece éste número de por favor lo que pasa es que me enviaron unos mensajes en whatsapp y quisiera saber a quién pertenece por favor si puede ser posible
100. qasem13-03-2021 г.
هنالك علاقه بيني وبين صاحب الرقم ولقد اختفى واريد ان اعرف صاحب هذا الرقم حتى اتوصل اليه
101. Ann 16-03-2021 г.
It's a belgium number and it is a scam this number.
He ore she texted me also for money by b post.
102. Madi21-03-2021 г.
Ce numéro m'envoie juste un lien avec comme ecrit des *etc* puis *cadeau gratuit . Com * dans le lien. Sans aucun texte.
103. From the Netherlands 07-04-2021 г.
Got a sms asking to log in with DigiD for transfer some money to pay. NO WAY CROOKS!!
104. Jorden18-04-2021 г.
Siapa kah nama pemilik no ini dan di mana kah lokasi semasa
105. ELNNY EDHIA EDDI18-04-2021 г.
Nama penguna dan alamat Gmail dan lokasi semasadan tanda Bean atau sekatan
106. Tyson18-04-2021 г.
I keep getting phone calls and when I call back there is a hold music and says it'll connect me soon but never does
107. Priya10-05-2021 г.
Who’s number is this ? Getting continues calls and messages
108. patrick14-05-2021 г.
Scam, clear and simple. Block this number asap. Say's that you get money back.
109. Ashik26916-05-2021 г.
This number call me everyday but didn’t talk anything when i receive call.
110. Muhamad Azizi bin Ahmad22-06-2021 г.
this phone number has call me and said he was my ex classmate and want to borrow rm300. he blocked me after few days and until now he not appeared.
111. Espírito Santo do Nascimento 22-06-2021 г.
Quero saber de quem é esse número é de quê país ele é. Essa pessoa teve acesso as minhas redes sociais e eu não sei quem é. Me ajude por favor
112. Abubakar Sadik Nasir 12-08-2021 г.
I received call from this numbers which is call from seria-leon +23288749104,+23288493076,+23288762449

Who have information about it please.
113. juliana binti abdullah16-08-2021 г.
he scam money , he said he was a seller but he lie , after receive a money he block my number
114. Mc30-08-2021 г.
I meet this guy on online dating with this WhatsApp phone no and I just feel he is a scammer. Whose owns this no?
115. Habib afridi14-09-2021 г.
This shit person call me again in again .. and took money from my number there far i block him
116. Gabriel Nat-Narh15-09-2021 г.
I missed a call from this number and want to know who it is +21653003256?
117. Sky26-09-2021 г.
Call me but didnt talk. I just want to know then that number call my husb also
118. Student29-09-2021 г.
Targets people look for job. Tells them to post on FB marketplace or craightlist. Contacted by this phone number regarding a job offer. The person identified himself as Michael, from the Redfin and American Escrows Group. The email used to send the information was The name was Michael Pullara.
119. n03-10-2021 г.
i would like to know any info possible on this phone number as I keep getting missed calls from the or the just dont answer
120. Tony07-10-2021 г.
Do not answer this number. Do not use the quick selection menu!

121. Abdi-Dalal08-10-2021 г.
Someone flashes from this number but rejects to pick my calls d
122. Elijah githinji16-10-2021 г.
+12083129777 is not mine,I am a Kenyan +254.It got into my phone after,some call of winning in a bet game.when I installed a speed call app adding my Google app.The no.appeared you also be winners.I have not received any call from him.But from 14-10-I got multiple of international call and numbers,calling that I have won something which only God know.
123. Acayo 29-10-2021 г.
Please this person 12083129777 has stolen my money and I want my money back.
124. Eliana Ampam01-11-2021 г.
Este número pertenece a una empresa y me pide dinero por un supuesto premio
125. Richo02-11-2021 г.
Hello am really curious to know whose this phone number is? They just keep calling and calling in different times. When we pick up their calls they hang up. And they are doing it offten. I need to know who this person is and what is there intentions?
126. Brendan Bulda 13-11-2021 г.
This guy have calling my phone so I need to know who it is
127. Sagar13-11-2021 г.
May i know whos number is this I wanted to know whos number is this
128. Yoel Fernandez18-11-2021 г.
Estafa y extorsión. Son estafadores que piden dinero amenazándole a usted y a su familia conque si no paga le m*tarán.
129. Faith20-11-2021 г.
I want to know if this person is real with me or he's just deceiving me
130. dya21-11-2021 г.
I want to know details about this hp number . Keep calling me
131. varyegang50921-11-2021 г.

the sim card gives me problem i can not receive any message from its by

132. ANASSAHOUN25-11-2021 г.
Il m'a demandé de l'aide,je veux voir de quelle personnalité est-il
133. sloom30-11-2021 г.
اريد الحصول على آخر كود تأكيد بايبال قد وصل إلى المعاني فقدت الشريحة الخاصة بي وهناك إجراء تأمين لحسابي البايبال
134. Ирина27-12-2021 г.
Мне пишет этот человек, и пытается завести со мной дружбу, я сначала ответила, но теперь он показался мне подозрительным
135. Mapanga Mildred 06-01-2022 г.
Want to know who owns this line...has been proposing and asking for my adress and personal information...worried he might be harmful
136. NATALIA VOLKOVA07-01-2022 г.
Этот человек знакомиться с женщинами под чужой фотографией и именем. Вымогательство и маньяк,пожалуйста так не должно быть
137. Bill13-01-2022 г.
I've been asked to donate to a local orphanage, but am having trouble finding info on this specific one. The person asking for money seems pretty pushy and wanted it sent via western union. Just doing my due diligence.
138. Жора18-01-2022 г.
Мне звонили и угражали хочу узнать кто это и наказать
139. Todi Sofia21-01-2022 г.
I don't know the owner of that number because when i got an accident people us my number card call calling each and other.Am a Uganda+256
140. Syed Aiman30-01-2022 г.
who this phone number ?, this phone number scam my money. i want to know this phone number
141. Rolandas Augutis03-02-2022 г.
Hi! This number is suspicious, asks for favours and wants to send me a secret package.
142. Zoubir said07-02-2022 г.
يحاول استدراجي لعمل لا اعرف عواقبه ويطلب جميع بياناتي لقد حيرني
143. Gemma 08-02-2022 г.
I got a phone call of this number who is it it's coming up England I don't know anyone over their is it a scammer
144. Martins Baranniks11-02-2022 г.
This is my gf number,wee contacted only in Whatsapp,i just want to find out more about her becaus she just disappeared after 5 months of texting,lost her phone or something
145. صفرخیرالهی12-02-2022 г.
این شماره مال کیه برام گفتند مال شرکت بیمه هوفمان هست
146. Dariel17-02-2022 г.
Hay que denunciar este número porque vive estafando hace falta joderlo y que se le haga pedazo de donde manda esos mensajes
147. Omar23-02-2022 г.
Who is the person is calling me? Is tryng to msje business byť I ak not sure
148. Kevin13-03-2022 г.
Started on Twitter then texting from this number then went to whatsapp
149. Suus19-03-2022 г.
Hij sprak over de belastingdienst en dat ik als ik vandaag niet zou betalen voor de rechter word gesleept, maar voor iedereen die dit meemaakt doe het niet
150. Monikanika25-03-2022 г.
Oszustwo!!! wyłudzenie pieniędzy. Wysyłają informację o nieopłaconym rachunku w pge i każą wejść w link.
151. Katya01-04-2022 г.
Хочу знати чи це не шахрай.кащо може допомогти з роботою за кордоном
152. جابر07-04-2022 г.
For Who that numbers I don't know when he call he not speaking to me
153. Surya12-04-2022 г.
Very very bad person. Using bad words Sunday other words. He is very very wanted person
154. Chally 17-04-2022 г.
Check this number have a lotof fake loves.alwyas tell lie for us
155. Obonetse Junior Matshego 19-04-2022 г.
I want to know the numbers that call my phone through their registered names with the service provider
156. Habibah Bt Md Madar27-04-2022 г.
This number registered under whose name and which identification card number
157. Martha jimenez27-04-2022 г.
Saber si es fraude,?estafa,etc pues ha enviado un mensaje de texto ofreciéndome ganar dinero.
158. Adnane net14-05-2022 г.
اريد البحث عنه ومعرفة موقعه............................
159. Dorothy Daras Laurel24-05-2022 г.
How to change new number to my DBS account coz I can get OTP coz the old number registered is gone already so I need to new number but how
160. Cheyenne verbrugge26-05-2022 г.
I've been called by different numbers witch I al blokked now I get calls from all UK numbers
Who is this?
161. Augustina donkor26-05-2022 г.
This number reach me I called back and know response
162. MOHAMMED ALKUBAISI26-05-2022 г.
I received this call from this no. many time not answering
163. Shaka 10-06-2022 г.
I need to find this number, they scammed me. He lied saying he sells car parts only to discover he Is a conman. Kindly assist with his information.
164. Sam Odesaa12-06-2022 г.
165. Ariany17-06-2022 г.
!!this nombor is from reciefet my money. Coll back
166. Olga21-06-2022 г.
Màfia. Red de estafadores, denunciados a policía nacional y mossos de escuadra. Cambian promesas de amor eterno x dinero. Usan identidades falsas y estafan sobretodo a gente mayor
167. Shamsul28-06-2022 г.
Nombor ini menghantar mesej l*cah kepada saya. Nombor ini berasal dari mana. Bagi saya info
168. Жанна06-07-2022 г.
Нічого не можу сказати. Номер мені невідомий. Дзвонив раз, чи два, хочу перевірити…..
169. Sylwia Fraszczak 08-07-2022 г.
Mochte wiesen wemm diese nummer in wirklichkeit gehört angeblich Patrick Bardrich Soldat
170. Abdallah09-07-2022 г.
I am in Jordan and I called this number and I want to know who this number is for
171. Ari11-07-2022 г.
This number call me. Can you please help me, thank you8
172. Miraflor Cuello Padegdeg13-07-2022 г.
My I know this no if.this not scammer or now..his name is Vern McLean from u.k
173. samuel doyon20-07-2022 г.
someone threatening me to d*ath me a family . said that they want money . want to know if this fake number
174. David Ridzoň21-07-2022 г.
This number took money from my bank idk how... I want to know name of that person
175. Saqib Nadeem 25-07-2022 г.
I don't know who are you they're still send me Mail and mobile number & says call me I need your help but I don't know who's?
176. tumelo mmifi26-07-2022 г.
I missed there call maybe is work that i have applyed for
177. Chris Reilly16-08-2022 г.
I deal with scamming dirt bags like him he tried scamming my mom
178. Ravinder Vikas Rathore23-08-2022 г.
Demand for money who is the owner of this mobile no.+4474053283⁴1
179. Dori24-08-2022 г.
Ich erhalte heute im stündlichen Rhythmus von +491712629087, +491712647026, +491712634348 Anrufe, die ich nicht annehmen kann oder zurück rufen kann. Bei der letzten Nummer wurde sofort beim Rückruf aufgelegt
180. Amatista 31-08-2022 г.
Estafa. No paran de llamarme,aún cuando se la rechazo
181. Marisa Baiao01-09-2022 г.
Im receving calls from this number sayig thats a controlor of accouts of trading and he insultus if we dont invest money.
182. Afry Dachyar01-09-2022 г.
saya ingin tau nomor +85293084448 pemiliknya siapa,karena orang mengaku bernama Isa yna warga negara Thailand domisili di Bangkok,tolong beri tau saya
183. Kiganda Robbin Williams 06-09-2022 г.
I missed yr call am kiganda Robbin Williams from Kampala uganda Nakulabye is it possible to have or hear from uyou again?
184. Hossein 16-09-2022 г.
مالک این شماره چه کسی است
این شماره در گذشته در اختیار من بوده که اطلاعات ثبتی آن را فراموش کرده ام
185. Archu17-09-2022 г.
I got a call from this number yesterday and I want to know where I got a call from.
186. George Williams 26-09-2022 г.
USA number I need to call my friends I need it so much
187. Tricia 26-09-2022 г.
This number sent a text pretending to be from the UK government asking me to click on a link to take me to a government page. It's a scam .... do not click on the link provided!
188. Anonymous28-09-2022 г.
The owner of this number threatens people to release videos which where stolen from devices owned by a third party
189. Kiki14-10-2022 г.
This person it's stalking me
And i don't know who is it
Please help me yo find out
190. Josiah Carper 16-10-2022 г.
This number is offering me a job and asking for my bank info. I need to verify if its who they say they are.
191. VARINDER SINGH 18-10-2022 г.
Sir this number is number of the person which is say that we provide you a job in bank but get a lots of money from me but they don't reply me now and don't give me job
192. Maria26-10-2022 г.
This person have try to stolen me. By whatsapp message he asked me use the link
193. Эвелина29-10-2022 г.
Предлогает отношения. Говорит хочет свадьбу.Мне кажется врет.
194. Mike04-11-2022 г.
Scammer from dating site, used a different number pretending to be a female looking to chat and trade pics, then came on this number blackmailing me using photos sent to first number
195. Kevin11-11-2022 г.
I received a text message from this number posing as an Idaho Detective
196. Виталий Александрович24-11-2022 г.
Номер звонит и в трубку всё время молчат
197. Martin24-11-2022 г.
I don't who are you. I don't a have many for you.
198. Yunier 30-11-2022 г.
Saludos necesito contactar este número es mi mejor amiga y hace meses no hablamos es de Canadá si alguien tiene información que me contacte
199. Ana02-12-2022 г.
+12702124887 aquien pertenece este número.espero su pronta
200. Mario wentzien 07-12-2022 г.
Kann ich den Namen zu diese Nummer haben der Besitzer schickt mir Geld ruft mich ununterbrochen an was kann ich tun möchte ihn zur Rede stellen
201. Дмитрий08-12-2022 г.
Этот человек вымогает деньги помогите его найти уже украл 10 000 $
202. vande kerckhove nicole09-12-2022 г.
a qui appartient ce num de tel +324602379 55 pusieurs fois par jour qu 'ils appellent merci
203. Me10-12-2022 г.
+420608069876 who has this number? I need to identify who has it. Just for clarification. Nothing major
204. Aliya15-12-2022 г.
I want to confirm who owns this number,whether its my new boyfriend number or he is a scammer
205. Petra Petrov16-12-2022 г.
Какъв е този номер . Защо ме търси.Не познавам този номер.Защо ми звъни.
206. Enock Mwandila17-12-2022 г.
+13192151640 who has this number? I need to identify who has it. Just for clarification. Nothing major
207. Z19-12-2022 г.
+60 11-2114 1418, anyone has any clue the identity of this num? Has scam me and blackmail plz help
208. Melvin mosibin20-12-2022 г.
Hi,lets me know the owner this number +6581487264,the owner number send voice to whatsapp the P*RNOGRAPIC MASSAGES,Thanks
209. M. Smets20-12-2022 г.
Ik kreeg een sms zonder ID, dus ik probeer alleen te achterhalen wie dat heeft gedaan. Het was een kerstwens.
210. Jackline 21-12-2022 г.
The person behind this number disappeared with my bag at Dubai international airport I have tried to reach her several times but she couldn't let me know where she put my bag I am very worried
211. darina22-12-2022 г.
they stole my facebook identity


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212. Гулбахар28-12-2022 г.
Бул адам вотсап аркылуу тынчымды алып жатат?
213. Maureen Konzolo01-01-2023 г.
Want to know who's number is this if he's impersonating UK Samsung manager or not. He's calling himself James Williamson his number+447782828010
214. Muhammad sultan 02-01-2023 г.
Who is this please understand that you I'll give you tomorrow please understand me
215. Andy 02-01-2023 г.
This person with this number has made a video of me and now she's black mailing me saying if I don't send $2000 she will publish this video
216. Andy 02-01-2023 г.
This person with this number has made a video of me and now she's black mailing me saying if I don't send $2000 she will publish this video
217. Akrima Guiaman Ahmad06-02-2023 г.
Please help me my account is hacked
Please help me
218. Thamarai10-02-2023 г.
+447448498951 he is asking me i will give money.but suddenly he is gone how to i catch him
219. Oleksandr Novosad11-02-2023 г.
This Person has stolen Money from me. I want to ask him and try my Money back. Thanks
220. Ангелина11-02-2023 г.
кто это? этот человек представился сотрудником министерства внутренних дел моего города,но я ничего не нарушала,помогите найти информацию
221. Salima12-02-2023 г.
A qui appartient ce numero il me bipe et coupe tout de siite
222. Peter Seery20-02-2023 г.
Had a call that said it was from Santander and I had Spent nearly £400 at John Lewis then told me to phone them on this number
223. Alex Aris21-02-2023 г.
I want to confirm the owner of this number +34902034422
224. Yvonne Lundin24-02-2023 г.
Får sms om att jag ska klicka på en länk för att få se vart mitt paket finns att hämta!
225. Elizabeth04-03-2023 г.
lmao 14 seconds in and sounded like a scam call
asked him "what do you want"
he said "one second please"
And immediately hung up xd
Suuuuuper heavy scam center accent
226. Kim07-03-2023 г.
+201289253896 who's number is this please let me know
227. Sam09-03-2023 г.
Had received job offer thru this number, +61280056078. Can you confirm the true identity of the same, before I could pay the visa amount.
228. Thomas H. 09-03-2023 г.
who's number is this?
Pls let me know...
229. Hashan13-03-2023 г.
I want some information about this number please help me
I was called from this number, I could not find out who called me, whose number it is, I want to know
230. Alexandro17-03-2023 г.
Preciso saber mais sobre esse número,pois ele fica mandando n*des nos grupos de escola
231. Mehdi Vafaei06-04-2023 г.
Hello. I want to know who is she? investing company
232. Iyoyojie iziengbe henrrientta10-04-2023 г.
This number has been threatening me for two weeks..I tried to reach the person but it all proved abortive
233. Natasha 11-04-2023 г.
Had a text claiming it was my son say has had his phone stolen and could I send money to get a new one
Completely a scam and when confronted was abusive
234. Ioana15-04-2023 г.
They keep asking for money. They stole money from me, using a common scam, telling me to send money for a donation that i will receive after a send them money
235. D17-04-2023 г.
6787859954 called around 6am my time zone. East coast caller didn't think enough to account for time zone difference. Probably a recruiter.
236. Darlos 25-04-2023 г.
I wanted to know who was the owner of the number who send mi messages
237. Alevtina ANDRESSON30-04-2023 г.
Kelle nr see on 37063235524.
Väidab, et on CapitalTrust agent.kas on ikka õige?
238. Edmar calumpit04-05-2023 г.
This number steal my money I would like to know who is this person and where country is he/ or she located I hope you can help me for this issue thank you.
239. Maria Carmosino07-05-2023 г.
+13043035197 di chi è questo numero? L'ho trovato su messenger
240. hamza mughal07-05-2023 г.
Any one call me and text me in my what's app number +923025275779.
I am form Pakistan .
241. Мария10-05-2023 г.
Този номер ми звъни и искам да разбера защо ме търси
242. Daya11-05-2023 г.
Este número +50766228084 me ha estado llamando y no sé quién es
243. Vlad17-05-2023 г.
Today on May 17, 2023, I received a call from a Ukrainian hacker from + 44 7459 329390 registered in the UK with a request to provide all the details of my bank account with which there are problems. I realized that it was a hacker calling with a accent. did not speak and hung up. when trying to find out the location of this hacker, I received his (?) home phone number +1 - 2083129777 (USA). My family and I are retired, US citizens and vacationing in Spain. Please help us investigate and arrest the fraudster. Thank's
Vladimir Zolotsev
May 17th.2023
244. Nalumansi Lillian 24-05-2023 г.
I receive messages on this number late at night. I want to know the owner
245. Мельникова Ксения Дмитриевна30-05-2023 г.
Нужна информация о владельце номера,имя,отчество и иные данные которые мошут помочь в поиске человека по данному номеру телефона,заранее примногу благодарна
246. puspo ray 09-06-2023 г.
Hiii tnxx for helping on my tracking number tnxxxxx tnxxxx
so pretty
so pretty and Android system
247. Faiz17-06-2023 г.
Who number ? 0135668909 . What is he name ? And what is he profile ?
248. andrei17-06-2023 г.
как мне проследить жену где она находится по номеру телефона номер её +37255912906
249. andrei19-06-2023 г.
где находится телефон с номером +37255912906 что бы я знал где находется моя жена
250. Jarmila27-06-2023 г.
Prosim predpokladam že toto su cisla podvodníkov s financiami a okrádajú poctivých ľudí da sa preveriť pravost cisel +421944108374, +421944521072, +421944108374, +421907056395
251. Nurulsuhada binti hanapi30-06-2023 г.
Saya ingin tahu adakah ini nombor telefon ini scammer.saya ingin tahu dengan lebih lanjut maklumat nya
252. Nurulsuhada binti hanapi30-06-2023 г.
Saya ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut mengenai nombor telefon ini +0102556327 adakah nombor telefon ini scammer
253. Nurulsuhada binti hanapi30-06-2023 г.
Saya ingin tahu adakah ini no telefon scammer ke +0102556327
254. Terwase sedoo BEATRICE 30-06-2023 г.
The man with this number said he send me money though money gram, he gave me a code 10482395221206 to take to the bank and the bankers are demanding for his details.
255. Danish18-07-2023 г.
Check owner fon check alamat name penuh IC duduk mane name bapak dia sape email dia ape
256. Tom25-07-2023 г.
+37360988298 скажите пожалуйста чей это номер, если сможите, срочно нужно, пожалуйста
257. Tom25-07-2023 г.
+37360988298 скажите пожалуйста чей это номер, мне очень нужно, срочно пожалуйста
258. Johan04-08-2023 г.
Phoncall from compitor safety about my computor is in danger.
259. sara07-08-2023 г.
who’s numbers is this?
260. Fadi28-08-2023 г.
I need to know information about this number, as someone is trying to fake me abd i want to confirm this person number please
261. Meck06-09-2023 г.
Who's number is this ,from which state and country.

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