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This is a very annoying number, it calls you every day and tries to get you as a boyfriend. (SPAM!!)
Iam looking for my boss,Can i get persinal information about this number +60122783446 Full name,location,thanks
Please give any informations about this number, full name, location. It must be important. Thanks.
This is a number from a business card Discover Azores. Looking for Lucia Melo Ferreira reservation agent
Fake text messages about bankcard ending date with fraud link to unsuspicious website
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Whose number is this?
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1. Kevin Williams04-08-2016 г.
I am receiving text messages at 2.30 am for the last week or so from different OS numbers. The numbers ate, 46766690164, 46701344813, 46701340397. There are more but I deleted them. I have blocked all numbers and replied STOP to those who alllowed me to. What is going on and how do I stop it. My Telco is unable to help
2. Finau A. M. Nanovo17-11-2016 г.
Please may I know the information of this person, under the AKA Ohio USA thanks
3. Patrick Nebiker31-12-2016 г.
This Person has stolen Money from me. I want to ask him and try my Money back. Thanks
4. vijay kumar31-01-2017 г.
I am receiving text messages at 2.30 am for the last week or so from different OS numbers. The numbers ate, +25772121051,+25771105722. There are more but. What is going on and how do I stop it. help
5. Laza26-02-2017 г.
Whose number is that They hit and run my car So please
6. Yayo15-05-2017 г.
This person has stolen money from me , so I want to try to get it back.
7. Raven16-05-2017 г.
I keep getting missed calles from +21650001517 can you tell me where ghe number is ffom and who it is also tell then to stop because im a 12 year old girl!
8. Susan kimani05-06-2017 г.
I want to confirm who owns this number,whether its my new boyfriend number or he is a scammer
9. Kwagalakwe Deborah09-06-2017 г.
I missed a call at 3am from +6745578254. May i know the details of holder.
10. Mr Dream27-06-2017 г.
This person is very weird be careful if she asks you on skype under the name of Abel DAAGBOVI
11. Arinaitwe Gilbert03-07-2017 г.
i have recieved two calls from a number which could be a company line, but i need to know who was calling me. Please help me find out which number this is so i can contact them +254738759382
12. Ivan Ivanov12-08-2017 г.
Hello there, have today several missed calls from Moldova +37379301879 on my English Vodafone number , Please some help -Thanks in advance for your troubles and time!
13. Ramona Hegedus06-09-2017 г.
My phone has come up with the name Timmy Marsh. Have no idea who this could be, though i am being hacked at present & have had my home burgled, vandalized & had money & my medication stolen also!
14. Eunice Maina16-09-2017 г.
This number called me and its a conman. +447459053340
15. Tobey Cayola Kikkee13-10-2017 г.
Make me a millionaire and able to inspire others and myself and family.
16. Marco27-11-2017 г.
I received a phone call, but once I call back, there is an automatic message that says: "Number disconnected"
17. piotr20-12-2017 г.
what kind of job would you offer i can translate commercial texts and banners
18. Anna25-12-2017 г.
I 'd received threatening messages from +996551723891. Please, may i know the information of this person?
19. jack02-03-2018 г.
i received a call from this phone number +6745578243.I wish to know whose number is? Thanks
20. Ryan06-03-2018 г.
i received a call from this person +22360220250. Can you help me identify the caller
21. Elfi21-03-2018 г.
Is this nomber to a bank in irland ore england +447776175906
22. Anonymous 01-04-2018 г.
+61423263140 Kept trying to get me to give my address and personal details. I asked questions he got mad and hung up.i did not give any info!
23. dahan22-05-2018 г.
can you help to identify these two numbers blackmailing me +22969735173 +33644695175
24. くみこ28-05-2018 г.
+447843919092 この番号の人は何人かの人物と一緒に詐欺を働いている❗ 気をつけてください
25. Tina29-05-2018 г.
This number called me twice and I called back its like an answering machine +37065065360. Pls can you help me with the identity. Thank you.
26. Afri20-06-2018 г.
+19792004176 he is disturbing me and texting me in wtsp and sending bad videos and n*de pics please help me to find out him and help me to dine his real number plz plz plz
27. teye bami17-08-2018 г.
+37125842715 I want to confirm who owns this number,whether its my new boyfriend number or he is a scammer
28. k.srinivasan20-08-2018 г.
Pls this isy friend no +971558793707 I am waiting for reply But his not pick . Now his working oilfield supply ltd dubai.his working or not Thanks
29. Rocco07-10-2018 г.
+21697385685 Two short calls at 9.24/26 p.m. and it has closed immediately, but I would not have answered the same!
30. Niragire Anthony09-10-2018 г.
Hello please, help me this number keeps calling me with flashes, it shows from New Papua Guinea +67579989434 Please tell me who the owner is! Thanks
31. Ryan Zar Fuerzas14-10-2018 г.
I received a call and messages from this number +96896057678 he told me to pay for insurance and tax fee about 20,000 php. After I sent he went gone by texting again about collateral payment. Help me find the owner of this to stop him on scam.
32. Kanyarat16-10-2018 г.
Please tell me about the owner of this number. I let him borrow money for his business in Indonesia. I want to know He has a real body, not a scammer. +44 7845851648
33. Shadab 22-10-2018 г.
Sir, I inform you that this user is a fraud and my sister was cheated by this user.... this user called him several times and thread him... Request you in this regards
34. Dennis07-11-2018 г.
85265445140 can i stop recieving call from this number.. i change my mind with the package hecis offering to me.... i cant call him back so myvectuis message can help
35. Farrah nadirah binti mohamad kamal 25-11-2018 г.
need details of this number because I have been receiving call for last few day +447740590772
36. Chetana bohara30-12-2018 г.
+971501601385 This numner person many.more time call me but i dont know who is he he also send vulgar pic
37. Success23-01-2019 г.
+2347039720585 this number calls me 01:42,01:43 and 02:42 every morning but whenever I calls back or receives he never speak. Please I need to know who was calling me
38. nils jönsson30-01-2019 г.
Bedrägeriförsök från Afrika land Tunsien. Ring inte upp nummret drn som ringer vill vara tjäna pengar brukar kosta från en tia till femtiokroner per samtal.samma skit som vanligt med Afrikanska samtal.
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