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I got a random message from this number and I don't give out my number at all. He claims to have been my facebook friend. Si please help me with this number. Even if I don't get to know this person's name. I am afraid for my life that it might be a scam.
Strange call from anonymous, looking for Aleksandr Solodjankin
Scam and phishing. Informing about suspicious activity and asking for personal and sensitive information.
This number sends spam sms with fraud link.
This Number sends spam sms with fraud link.
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1. Faye15-09-2021 г.
Scammer ALERT! “Mary” called me and notified me that I was on a recorded line. There was so much noise in the background that I could barely hear her, like she was in a store. I asked her repeat what she had said and when she got to the company name in her introduction there was a convenient break on the line. She asked me to confirm who she was speaking with and I told I wouldn’t until I could clearly hear the company name and silence in the background. She said it again and there was a loud boom like someone dropped a box. She then asked me to confirm who I was again and I declined. Then she asked me to verify my email without me ever verifying my name. So I ended the call. I googled the number and called Benecom Associates number that’s on the website and they verified that they do NOT have a Mustang location.
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