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Got a text with weblink saying my bank account/card got deactivated and that i have to verify by clicking the link. however i never tried to deactivate it and the card stop service is a totally different number.
Hello,I just wanted to know who is this person because we have contact each other frequently via dating online. Is his name really Daniel Royce Jay? just to make sure the owner is not a criminal. Thank you
a quale ospedale di costa d'avorio si riferisce il seguente numero 22549734458 vi ringrazio è una cosa importante ho un amica li e vorrei parlarle
тоя номер ми звъня и лецето ми задава въпроси без да се представи. на кого е? притеснена съм
Who is the user of this phone number who contacted me many times weekly and monthly ?
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1. Gracia26-05-2019 г.
Pls help me know who is the owner of this number .thank you
2. Jeanette parungao20-06-2019 г.
Please help me find out who's the owner of this number +16572211066
3. Lorna24-09-2019 г.
Kindly locate what country uses this number. I want to if the person owns this number is scammer or just using this to scam specially women.
4. Jj25-09-2019 г.
I want to know where located this number, I have feelings the owner is a scammer. Wow there are 3 women ask about this numbers too, and I’m the 4th....
Good day !
I just want to know about this number... anyone can tell who's the owner of this number and where this country code belong?

Thank you
6. daisy09-06-2020 г.
i would like to know who's number is this and the exact location.thank you
7. Thelma24-06-2020 г.
This number has been sending me sweet messages since June 16, 2020. He gave me his name but I am not sure if it is his real name.
8. Ano ni Mus03-07-2020 г.
Wow! I didn't expect how many women are looking for him. Did he scam you or something? He introduce himself as Hamson Vischer. The way he send in messages are in different colors size and fonts. He gave his number +16572211066. He said he is from "Riverside County, California United State of America" but he also said that. "I live in Oakland, I work as a Petrochemical Engineer, I own a small business in real estate"
9. Irene Guillermo30-07-2020 г.
Hi! Can I know who is the owner of this number? I want to know his real identity if his using a real name or not. +16572211066
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