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This guy is stalking a friend of mine and would like to know who it belongs too
Saya tidak tahu dia siapa.saya cuma nak tahu sebab sebenar kepada dia tak bagi nama dia
this number called me twice, but after answering no voice spoke from the other line
Phishing messages are being sent by this phone number. So beware
This is a scam call from so called bigpay staff, do not answer
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Jamaica
Operator: Lime
1. Sonija18-01-2021 г.
I miss two calls from this number and for some reason I think it's a business number and I have sending out application letters to get a job so am here thinking I missed I business call... seems this number can only do outbound calls because I have been trying to contact it but it's not ringing just dial tone
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