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This number appeared on my Vodaphone SMS. Can you tell me who it belongs to?
I had missed call from this phone number, i think it is related to job offer.
need to know if this number is connected with fraud activities on marktplaats.
je n'arrête pas de recevoir des appel de ce numéro en appel anonyme et sans message;
this person is making me an offer to buy a land. I need to know if he is who says or if it is a fraud.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Western Sahara
Operator: Maroc Telecom
1. miloud ghoujdami08-07-2018 г.
A phone call came to me today noon from this number when I was busy in other business. This why I could not receive the call. Please call me again if possible. Also please give detail of caller and reason of call if possible.
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