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I got the call from this number at the Independense day, Saturday. The man who called introdused as EnergoPro - I think it's sort of fakeness because of Sunday and the Day of Independense. And EnergoPro don't have my number anyway. So please take care.
this phone number belongs to Bazarova Taisa who is domiciled in Ukraine Dnipro
This person wants to buy me a screen and I do not know if I can send him the parcel without it scares me.
I got a call from this number, at 11:30 pm, please take action really quick, as it is not the first time
Please send name of number owner, because I got missed call. So please provide me information.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Tunisia
Operator: Orange
1. Myriam09-09-2019 г.
Harcellementet arnaque au rappel telephonique
Personne au bout du fil. Si vous rappelez soit vous naurez personne au bout de la ligne soit quelqu'un vous dira que votre colis est perdu et vous tiendra le plus longtemps possible en appel payant voir essayera d optenir plus dinfomations. Bref ne rappelez pas, envoyer le numero suspect au 3700 précedé de la mention "spam vocal"
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