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i want to know the name of the person who used these number. He called me, he said that he lived in Madrid and he was borned in France and comunicatte whith me for a month. I lived in Rosario ,in Argentine Republic , and i distrust your comments , and also who needs money. ATTE DIANA.
Spam/Ping caller. Only called for a second kr something. Must be spam. Definitely.
Ettevaatust: Võlgnik, petis, valetaja, ülelaskja! Lubab alguses, pärast ei võta enam telefoni vastugi. Platnoi olekuga, nähtavasti kinni istunud.
Por favor, necesito saber a quien pertenece este numero de telefono. Me enviaron mensaje de que era urgente.
kindly please note that i am receiving spamming calls out of this number. please could you trace this number for me
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Tunisia
Operator: Tunisie Telecom
1. Antoine21-05-2020 г.
Spam par téléphone, se fait passer pour une banque pour récupérer le mot de passe du compte
2. Antoine21-05-2020 г.
Spam téléphonique se faisant passer pour une banque et essaie de recuperer votre mot de passe du compte web
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