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this is a crypto scam phone number be careful . if its pretending to be a good looking lady from hong kong and start to talk about etherum mining pool block her
Received a message from this number on Whatsapp which said "Hello my assistant gave me this number to contact Remy who is very proficient in managing" and when I didn't reply they sent another one saying *Excuse me are you Remy?*
i would like to get own this number. peroson messaged my mother in law saying murderers.
Package scam. Do Not Respond. The scammer tries to confirm your address.
the people who sent me a text message acting like my sister sending me a link to a fake walmart site saying i won a $2000 gift card, i hope you are found and arrested.mindsaccess is what shows up on bank statements
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A country: Somalia
Operator: Somali Telecom Group
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