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Je reçois des appels répétitifs , je souhaite qui m'appel et que celà arrete au plus vite Cordialement
No me llames más, no estoy interesado en ningún tipo de oferta o herencia. Don´t call me anymore. I am not interesting in any kind of offer or heritage
bonjour appel sur mon portable sa sonne je décroche et sa raccroche, et quand je rappelle personne au du fil même pas de répondeur. et ces pas la première fois que sa m'arrive. ces bizarre.
hi i need the information about this phone number because this number made me fake drama these days.
hello i need this number because i need information who used this phone.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Kenya
Operator: Safaricom
1. my inter12-03-2018 г.
please contact my address I'm YouTuber, I've got your address from someone who work with you, I just want to work with you as well - concerning YouTube channel, how can we work together? what do you provide? what is expected from me? with best regards
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