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someone calling me from denmark with the number +4541177869.. and i am in the philippines right now.. so i wanna know who is calling. thank you
would like to know to whom this number is registered please
I have been scam by H2K 24Online Gaming company that using this +601136392878 number.. it cost me around RM3400
Ismerősöm száma, de nem tudom melyiké A telefonom adattára valamiért törlődött, így szeretném kideríteni kié a szám. A név bőven elég.
This person called me today. I was too late to pick up the phone. I called back several times, but it went to the voicemail. If there is more info I will inform this website.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Belgium
Operator: Proximus Mobile
1. Lieve Feyfer18-02-2020 г.
I recived a straige text message from this number and I wonder from whom it came. Could you pliese inform me?
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