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quiero saber de quien es el numero, mi sobrina recibe mensajes de este y dice que esta en Reino Unido
Мне звонил этот номер 5 раз или более раз и я не хочу на него отвечать, так как я его не узнаю и вижу его в первый раз. Можете помочь узнать кто это звонил и откуда?
Just another scammer.The problem is that people keep falling for this kind of things
Scammer! Calls from this phone number are immediately hung up by the scammer just after you pick up. Calling back results in a unreachable subscriber error and are billed. Same as (+359875312955).
This number is a scammer. Calls and hangs up right after you pick up. Calling back results in dropped calls and bills.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: France
Operator: Lycamobile
1. Lucy14-09-2021 г.
+33753534883, un contatto Messenger mi ha invitato a chiamare questo numero dicendo che è un avvocato, per concordare un lascito.
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