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This is an AIRBNB scammer in Dubai. Beware. You would know it is the scammer when the deals offered are too good to be true and the reviews about the scammer on the site would be nothing less than a five star by every guest-hosted(fake guests, I mean). And also you would receive invoices in pdf format(refrain yourself from making any reservations). Please report everywhere possible to help other people around you
Ce numéro m'appelle souvent et j'aimerais avoir des infos le concernant
Call yesterday while at cashier. Unable to respond
This number is a scammer, i wanna track this number
Bonjour j'aimerais savoir A qui appartient ce numéro qui m'appelle?
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Spain
Operator: Lyca Mobile
1. patricio riquelme25-09-2020 г.
intentaron estafarme con una venta en wallapop, me enviaron incluso un mail, supuestamente de parte de wallapop
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