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Нужна информация о владельце номера,имя,отчество и иные данные которые мошут помочь в поиске человека по данному номеру телефона,заранее примногу благодарна
this is my own number how it is listed here dose stc sale our information which is forbidding so wired I can not believe this
voix enregistrée signalant que mon id avait été piraté
I don't know the owner of numbers.he has text and called but I can't figure out who he was.It is really annoying.he also make a call at midnight
Deseo conocer quien me está molestando desde este número
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Whose number is this?
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A country: Portugal
Operator: Vodafone
1. Fabio Ribeiro05-12-2022 г.
This number called me in Germany. I had no knowledge of a call from Britain, so I didn't answer. I had no idea which fees I would have to pay, since UK is not in the EU any longer. On my answering machine it said in an electronical female voice:'thank you for calling the court.' three times in a row and then hung up.
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