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me escribió desde una app de parejas a los días me dijo que quería mandar regalos y me contactaron pidiendo 1000 dólares para recibir los regalos jaja estafador
Have received 6 texts from this number over 2 days saying 'ETA 5 minutes' or 'ETA 10 minutes'. Number not recognised so never replied. No-one turne dup either so obvious scam
a scam to get you, load trading accounts online. start with a request for help then gradually establish a friendship and there the scam begins, I make you money
I want to know whose number is this.This number called me earlier on today under false pretenses.They asked me to call them,and when I do,their number is not going through.kindly help identify the owner of this number.
got a call and it said my bsn is blocked due to leagal action; Press 1 for more info. I didnt press; Becaouse it was suspicious
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A country: Finland
Operator: Ratahallintokeskus
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