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Je pense que ce numéro appartient à Mr ou Mme lazny Ranson habitant à la cuisine mais je ne suis pas certaine
This is number's owner is renting me an apartment and I want to make sure it is not a fraud. pls check this number 971529098456 and details inform me thank u
Je souhaite avoir des informations sur ce numéro car ce numéro a été complice du vol du portable de ma Femme Samsung A5 le 14 Aôut 2018 à la Clinique Farath de Marcory
DHL scam from China.
+37125842715 I want to confirm who owns this number,whether its my new boyfriend number or he is a scammer
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Bulgaria
Operator: MTel
1. darina09-06-2018 г.
I want some info about this number. I have bells from that number. And I don't know who is this .there is some confusion about this number
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