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This number randomly texted me asking for a male..but I'm a female..and still they proceeded to talk to me..I sent fake messages saying I am unavailable...and she responds with nudes
Who is this calling me? Is this a scammer or a real person.This call was received in the morning hours.
used for romance-scam and crypto-scam. Asked several times about my earnings, asked me lot of times to invest in some unknown 3rd class crypto-coins...
I wanna know is this the real person that chat with me right now..not a scammer or a cheater
Need to know this is not an cheater or scammer. I received an business proposal from this number so I need to the required person is good kindly let us know. Thank you
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Latvia
Operator: Bite
1. Valdis 14-10-2021 г.
Cheaters, calling from bank in which I do not have an account, and asking to confirm money transfer
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