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Ktoś dzwonił do mnie z tego numeru ale nie odebrałam , nawet dzwonił 2 raz z podobnego też nie odebrałam +22394587720
This number has been calling my phone for a while now. Caller has not sent a message to say who they are despite me not picking up the phone. Just want to know who it might be.Thanks
Hello , i would like to know to who belong this number.
calls on sunday at 19:54 i do not know anyone from there
This number phone has sended nude photos to my gf and she had to block it, it's a s*xual harasser, people should be careful.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Switzerland
Operator: Swisscom Mobile
1. Jean-Marc Dayer06-11-2019 г.
Je cherche à qui appartient le numéro +41796939121. Pouvez-vous me renseigner svp? Merci pour votre aide et bonne soirée. Jean-Marc
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