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I would really appreciate if you could advise the holders name and organization as I have received a few missed calls from this number (+679 939 7001). Thanking you in anticipation. Regards navin
Bonjour j'ai ce numéros du Sénégal qui mapelle je c'est pas pourquoi je voudrais savoir qui est ce. +221777098674 Merci d'avance
This number person told me to give job in doha qatar this company name is Shara cleaning and service w.l.l kwuari building 4 th floor, Building-A Building No 2, street no 882, Zone 26 Doha Qatar.
i want know who belong this number,i get this number from social media from beutiful girls from UK i want know who scammers or not,tq
This person with this number scam my sisters, i would like to know details and background of the scammers.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Russian Federation
Operator: MTS
1. george11-06-2018 г.
its a criminal number which sends out virsusses and invades our phones
2. george11-06-2018 г.
This phone number is criminal, it sends virusses, links which leads to virusses, it invades our phones even if we do not klik on the links he sends, he creates fictive conversations fro which we have to pay in his account. This is a CRIMINAL PHONE NUMBER. Russian Maffia, hidden (41) in Switzerland, while your site shows it originaly comes from the Russian Maffia, also known as "federation of bolshevik Maffia".
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