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This number is calling and immediately cancels call.Today it called 20 times
This number contacted me and the person who has this number tried to take some money from me. At first he said he lives in London UK then he moved to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia for working. Since the first contact I knew that it is a scammer. Just be careful with this number.
so my friend got a really weird message from this number that said: Mann disbelievers, who have become vigilant, they are the people of the world. It was originally written in the traditional hindi language and i google translated it. I understood that this would not be the most trusted source so if anyone who can speak hindi could help it would be nice. I cannot report any strange activity with it...
+37256360672 they send me messages. It is a SPAM
I have booked a tour and the service provider has given m this number for the tour operator. Just want to make sure that this is a correct number and want to talk to them to get some more information with regards to the tour. The service provider say that this number is for some Oriental tours in Dubai.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Czech Republic
Operator: O2
1. Unsatisfied Seller05-10-2018 г.
This person is not reliable at all. He wanted to buy a phone from me, but after I sent it, he refused to pick the parcel up from the post office and therefore I lost 186,- Czech Crowns in shipping. Don't sell this person anything and don't think about buying something from him. Tento člověk je naprosto nespolehlivý. Chtěl odemne koupit telefon a poté, co jsem mu ho poslal, odmítl si ho na poště vyzvednout a já tak přišel o 186,- Kč za dobírku. Nic mu neprodávejte ani od něj nekupujte, pokud nechcete přijít o peníze jako já.
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