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I have been getting missed calls from this number yet it's strange to me,any help?
I found this number with the surname Samehatya, is it the number of one of "Bilkish" agency ?
Looks scam call. Called three times after eachother from Moldavia. Be aware for this nummber.
Imam propusten poziv u toku dana sa ovog broja.Zanima me ko je u pitanju?
I wan to know the +48794036908.Whos number is this number Thanks
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Norway
Operator: NetCom
1. pradeep07-10-2018 г.
n reference to my previous message sent to you on regarding the parcel’s dispatching and my departure to the offshore. I am here to update you again that we have finally arrived and settled down well in the offshore, thus I will still want us to be communicating with each other while I am here in the offshore Thus the parcel shall arrive your Country by Tomorrow Monday 8th October 2018. thus as soon as the parcel is being received you, do kindly present the sent architectural building plans of my propose private clinic project to a very good professional architect over there in your Country so that he will have good tentative assessment to it in order for you to get appropriate information from him before I will come back from the offshore regarding the type of ready building that will be suitable for my propose private clinic project So I thank you so much again for your cooperation that will enable me to accomplish my mission in your Country regarding my private clinic project while I shall be anxiously waiting to hear from you as soon as the sent parcel is being delivered to you
2. Pradeep07-10-2018 г.
Be warned about the sly game you play. I've known since you played the name dropping games 3 months ago...
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