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hi! i did try one application need to install and they have a game to spin and i did and got iphone mobile as price and giving me your number +21652040990
I need the information of the holder of this number, since i lost the connection with for me. very important person.
who is this? I had strange chat with this person in dating site
Somebody was threatened me from this number. Male voice call me and wanted to find why I call this number. He saying that is the number of his wife and I of course see this number for the first time. Hi spoke in croatian language.
This is a scammer and liar. He is cheating & disturb a women through phone calls.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Norway
Operator: NetCom
1. Amit Kr. Chakraborty06-07-2018 г.
Its a number of a scammer who told you her name is ANNABEL from UK.Send you friendship in Face Book and then asked you about your whats app no.when you add him/her in your whats app account she/he will chat with you as a good friend. Wish you every morning and night. after 10-15 days friend ship he/she will asked you about a business. Thats a fake one and a trap to fraud your money. be careful
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