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This is a very annoying number, it calls you every day and tries to get you as a boyfriend. (SPAM!!)
Iam looking for my boss,Can i get persinal information about this number +60122783446 Full name,location,thanks
Please give any informations about this number, full name, location. It must be important. Thanks.
This is a number from a business card Discover Azores. Looking for Lucia Melo Ferreira reservation agent
Fake text messages about bankcard ending date with fraud link to unsuspicious website
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: United Kingdom
Operator: Lycamobile
1. Nadeem04-10-2018 г.
+447438853068.from this number a girl contact me . And then she become my friend and send me some gifts through parcel ..but we did not get the parcel and we send slot of money for the parcel but have not received the parcel.. Now we want to knowwho is this girl and what is the problem. Q
2. Nadeem04-10-2018 г.
+447438853068 this number send a parcel and she told me to contact to the courier company on which I have send the parcel.. Company contacted us and want 106200 pkr.. We send that money but we didn't received the parcel. Plz solve my problem
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