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I live in Ukraine and this number calls me for no reason. Possibly scam. Я живу в Украины и мне звонят с этого номера без причины. Возможно мошенники.
Erhebungen wegen Schweren Betrugs - Auskunftsersuchen zur oben angeführten Telefonnummer;
This phone number keeps annoying at late hours of the night and even cursing with bad words in text messages ... this is really annoying me ... please let me know about the identity of the owner of this number ... it's an emergency ... thank you
I need help with this number. It calls ny wife alot
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: United Kingdom
Operator: Stour Marine
1. Marcela Etchart25-05-2018 г.
Can you provide me with the owner's name of this number?he write me every day and i want to know who is really
2. Marcela Etchart15-05-2018 г.
Quiero saber a qué usuario pertenece está línea si realmente es de un soldado estadounidense Mark Cortés me ha hecho un envío a pagar en Argentina, no sé si es verídico
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