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You should be able to blow ck the number on your phone. If Yu want contact your local ombudsman in telecommunications and report as I do. Get phone company to ring you up tell them what's happening ask them to try and stop it. A lot of call centres are overseas so they sell,buy anoy people who might compleat about something. So the best thing to do is complain to the telecommunications ombudsman in your state if everyone does this eventually they will have to do more to stop the issue. Such as start using tracking devices so,it can be traced. Either way don't talk to anyone or give any details. No one has a right to ask for you personal details.
If you don't know them then do not tell them anything. if they can't prove them self then stop talking to them and block number.
dat zich voordoet als één van je kinderen dat beweert een "nieuwe" gsm nummer te hebben, en uiteraard dan vraagt achter geld na 10 minuten.
Wanna know thats owner number....he call me and dont talk...over call
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: United Kingdom
Operator: Vodafon
1. john28-10-2020 г.
false text claiming to be EE asking to verify details
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