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may I know whose the owner of this number I dont know her but she Know me. I dont know if this a Hucker or what, kindly let me know about this number 0568743022 thank you
Wanna know thats owner number.. always distrube me...
I just wanna know it my mum and right now am using it thanks.
i received a message fo this number +996501810281. whose is this number?
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: United Kingdom
Operator: O2
1. John Robertson21-11-2020 г.
Who does this number belong to another scam phone call these people should be blocked permanently
2. Angeline22-11-2020 г.
I have been communicating with the guy with this number. He told me his name was Oskar Andersen from Norway but currently residing in The Netherlands (Rotterdam) for a duty. We actually have a close relationship, but he once asked me if I could give financial support for a business that he's planning to build. I said I couldn't support him because I don't have the money. He said it was okay and continue to have communication with me until 2 days ago he stopped contacting me. I text him via WhatsApp but there is no reply until today (Nov 22).
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