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This phone number is appearing on my phone. As I live in Kosovo I am curious who it belomgs to.
I want to know the person's detail as it is important because he always call me and I think He used other people picture and her profile in Whatsup
Spam phone call received from this number today. Something about receiving an income from home.
This number call me ,its mobile from Spain, its real number,because ithink is fake and i didn answer
want to know that the person whose number iam checking is not an imposter
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Sweden
Operator: Tele 2
1. EDI12-06-2018 г.
Telefonnummeret till cheaten som EDI pratar med, Edek, gör små elektriska och byggande tjänster, gör köksmöbler, etc. Kundernas identitet fuskar om kostnader och material. Han söker folk att arbeta och han betalar inte för arbete. Det är varningen för alla polacker.
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