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Poštovani, Mogu li da saznam ko je vlasnik ovog broja? Radi se o mogućem lažnom predstavljanju. Srdačan pozdrav
I would like to know the owner of this number whether it is fake or true. thank you
I would like to know whether this number is true or fake and whos the owner of this phone number.
I believe i was being scammed by the owner of this number. please let me know who the number belongs to
I had a phone call from Lithuania, I am at the moment in Germany from this number: +37063536420 I would like to know who called me, maybe it was very important.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
1. Laura09-07-2018 г.
Received a text from this number quoting "CONGRATS TOYOTA OWNER YOU QUALIFY FOR 1000 INSTANT REBATE FOR LOYALTY + FREE MAINTENANCE CALL 1-800-366-5190 TO REDEEM TOWARDS YOUR WARRANTY RENEWAL CODE 1587". Haven't called the other number, I do own a Toyota, but anyone can obtain that info, so doesn't necessarily mean this is a credible text or either number are credible. There were no comments regarding this number so figured I'd be the first.
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