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Would like to get the name to the owner of this number they keep on sending messages
Indian Tech company that makes you go into event viewer on windows to try to convince you that you have problems with your computer. Want's you to download supremo (remote access tool). SCAM SCAM SCAM, all i did was waste their time.
phone number of Emile Thys and it is a number of belguim but i think that yoy not need to call him
Can I Please know who is The orner of This phone number? And thank you in advance .
Graag de achternaam dat bij dit nummer hoort. ik weet dat hij lid is van de wandelclub de hopbelletjes is en dat hij regelmatig gaat wandelen met zijn vrouw Carin en zijn hond bau.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Oman
Operator: Oman Mobile
1. Consuelo02-12-2019 г.
Keeps calling offering an "interesting discount in my debt" with Salcobrand Drugstore. Thing is, I'm not a client of this drugstore, so I can't have a debt with them.
The recording talks in a lame way, which leads me to think this is not an official communication by Salcobrand, and it's a fraud
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