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I want to know who he is. He has posted an advert on my web page and many people want to patronize his product but we don't know who he is.I need detailed information about him and what he does for a living
whose number is this, i would like to know to whom does it belongs to
I would like to know who the person is . It seems to be a very nice gentleman whom I would like to know more about and needs your help in this regard
Пользователь мошенник, продаёт на OLX заведомо не рабочий товар, потом исчезает ! Я купил у него видеокарту, говорил рабочая, присылал результаты тестов, в результате приехала видеокарта со сбитыми деталями, и без единого чипа памяти !!! по документам Новой почты, Мисюченко Дмитрий Викторович, город Днепр (Днепропетровск) !
This number texted me asking if i was interested in f@ing. I told it to f off and asked who it was.They said* I guess you won’t find out if you don’t want to f* They said oh sorry i thought it was my wife. Ill delete your number. This person is a sicko and trying to scam everybody . Be careful people.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Malaysia
Operator: DiGi
1. tiger09-09-2019 г.
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