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Poštovani, Mogu li da saznam ko je vlasnik ovog broja? Radi se o mogućem lažnom predstavljanju. Srdačan pozdrav
I would like to know the owner of this number whether it is fake or true. thank you
I would like to know whether this number is true or fake and whos the owner of this phone number.
I believe i was being scammed by the owner of this number. please let me know who the number belongs to
I had a phone call from Lithuania, I am at the moment in Germany from this number: +37063536420 I would like to know who called me, maybe it was very important.
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Australia
Operator: Optus
1. Marko09-07-2018 г.
This is a very dodgy unlicensed electrician from Iraqi back ground, Don't trust at all, he will just grab your money and run without completing his job, He will answer his calls sometimes and gives bullshit promises to return to do your job and finish it off, But again and again he won't show up, and then he will just switch his mobile off so you can't reach him... Very dodgy and scam....
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