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Please let ke know the details such as name, region, age and so on for this number to avoid any scammer on ky account, thank you
I need this number's husband number please help . i want to find it as soon as possible
Possible scammer asking for bitcoin payment. They say you committed a fraud, and they can correct it for an small amoun. I would like to verify the issue.
keeps calling tape announcement repeats itself is just annoying guess there will be participants to numbers sought
He started with message about my bitcoin wallet, and he said, I have 0,4 btc in my wallet, so he wants to help me to send money to my bank account. He send me a mail with link to "anydesk*com" (it something like Team Viewer). His name Petr Kováčik (probably fake).
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Australia
Operator: Vodafone
1. John13-10-2021 г.
Attempted scam by saying they had sent me money. They then gave me their bsb and account number to send the money back to.
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