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Do not know anyone from Portugal. probably a scam caller who wants my private details.
Probably a scamcaller who wants my private details. Did call to the Netherlands what is already odd.
I do not know this person. I do not even know anyone of this country. Probably a scam caller to get my private details by phone.
Cette personne me contacte mais ne veut pas dévoiler son identité
This phone number called me for several time saying that I have won 500000$ but when ever calling it back it pick call and put some music which I am not that is why need to know who have it. Thanks
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Papua New Guinea
Operator: Digicel
1. Jos09-09-2019 г.
Just called 1 second and hung up before I could pick up
I'm not intrested and expecting calls from new Guinea in Europe
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