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Identifiquem o titular deste telemóvel.+351936694934
estou pesquisando por esse numero +96599056065 queria saber quem é o proprietário e de onde é esse numero.
need to know the owner call me so many times but no sound
Me pueden decir de quien es este número por favor..
I get some miss calls from this number 0143315110. Is this a scam?
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Hong Kong
Operator: CSL
1. Rufino DiLeo13-05-2019 г.
Contact pretends to be a single woman from Hong Kong seeking a marriage. "She" supposed to be a boss of some company (?) and investing in gold. Contact keeps talking about an uncle who is senior investor and he's giving "her" weekly investment plans. "She" slowly trying to build trust (casual talk, innocent flirt, confesing feelings) and after couple of weeks asking about your finances and proposing joining in investing in gold. You can easily say that this contact is being operated by few people as sometimes it's perfect English and sometimes it has no sense or off-topic, and suddenly coming back to topic from few days ago, using different languages, asking about things you got no idea about (probably related to another "victim") and much more. Contact sending photos and videos of Chinese actress Zhao Yihuan (赵奕欢 Chloe).
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