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for rent purpose, required to fined Peron third name as soon as possible. he is Omani from Oman work in real state company called al habibe real state company.
What’s the name of the owner of this phone number. I would like to know so tell me. I am awaiting your report in my email address.
his Guy is a love scammer. He built up a romance relationship with you, in order to gain trust, and after few weeks he will come up with stories to let you pay for him. He will always keep asking you to help him out with money. Women out there, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY
I already send a message about this number. But her it goes again. My daughter has been harrassed by the person that owns this number from UK, she sold a keyboar person received it and now is harrassing hear to send money to that person. P*lease help us Carlos Simoes Portugal
My daugther has been harrassed via this number. Please help us
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Lebanon
Operator: MTC Touch
1. paula13-02-2020 г.
Hi! I am hoping this is Batul's number. We have lost contact and I was wondering if i could get in touch with you again. Hopefully, it is still you.
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