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Stole my credit card data and did purchases. Scam and fraud.
Scam ! Fraude ! Hacked seller accounts ! Sent numerous messages to me about Mastercard code whilst I was sleeping. Fraud: Mastercard: Code: 767125 valid for your purchase worth GBP 35.00 at The North Face on 2022-11-26, 11:42 PM
hai,can i get the details owner for this number?like address and full name urgent case,please help
Someone told me this is my classmate's mobile phone number, but I can't reach her, I hope to know her email address.
he iss a marketing recruitment manager and due to vacancies he would like to invite me to work from home part time or full time.
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Falkland Islands

This page provided to all phone operators in Falkland Islands. To find the right number for a telephone operator, select a desired and there you will find all the numbers on the operator
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