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Te mandan SMS falsos de DHL con un link sospechoso, que no le he dado, pero seguro que no es nada bueno.
Schreibt unterdrückt und blockiert. Ist unbekannter herkunft.wer ist das?
I want to know who is this service works, the owner of this phone
ESTAFA. Llamada recibida tf desconocido, una mujer me llama por nombre y primer apellido y me ofrece comprar activos financieros. Le hago preguntas para saber de dónde ha conseguido mi número e información o quién se la ha suministrado y me cuelga (un hombre le estaba diciendo que decirme). Al ver el registro de llamadas no queda registrado ( sólo su número) llamo y me contesta el estafador que le decía a su compañera que hacer diciéndome que no sabe nada. FRAUD. Call received unknown tf, a woman calls me by name and first surname and offers to buy financial assets. I ask him questions to find out where he got my number and information from or who gave it to him and he hangs up on me (a man was telling him what to tell me). Seeing the call log is not registered (only his number) I call and the scammer who told his partner what to do tells me he doesn't know anything.
i need to know who is he .he is doing me blackmail
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This page provided to all phone operators in Claro. To find the right number for a telephone operator, select a desired and there you will find all the numbers on the operator
Below is a list of phone numbers. To get information about the number you are interested in, select it from the list or use the site search, as you wish. If happens that there is no information on this number, and you have had experience communicating with the owner of the phone number or you know who it is, we ask you to leave a comment, because it can help a lot of people!
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